A little better…

Posted: September 19, 2006 in Uncategorized
…but only a little better on this week’s predictions for futbawl contests. I got nine correct (as opposed to eight last week). The Eagles had the game locked, then let it all slip away to the Giants at the end (dumb bastards). The Jets led a valiant comeback effort that just fell short against a Patriots team that gave up 17 unanswered points. The Cowboys sucked as far as penalties, and T.O. was a completely ineffective retard on the field, but somehow they won anyway (probably cuz Brunell got sacked six times and couldn’t pass the ball…helluva way to spend your 36th birthday, right?). The Titans didn’t put Vince Young in until it was too late…and he engineered their only scoring drive. The Lions forgot how well they played Seattle last week, and rolled over to bear their necks to the Bears. On a positive note, one of my upset-games came true: the ‘niners beat the Rams. On a negative note, the Colts spread was horrid: they let the Texans score 24 points…the Colts defense had better step up, cuz if they go up against a good defense, they will not be able to rely on their offense to win games as they did yesterday. And what the hell happened to Pittsburgh? That game was SOOO boring, it was the lowest-scoring game in MNF history, and the Steelers got shut out for the first time in their own history of MNF appearances! Plus, this is Big Ben’s first loss as a starter…kinda sobering, ain’t it Ben? And how about that Raiders game, huh? I can’t even remember which team repainted the field turf with streaks of silver and black, I can only remember how awful of a game they played (it was the only morning game broadcasted in the NW…I didn’t have a choice of games, dammit).
Seahawks next opponent: the NY Giants. However, anybody else see two near-picks by our defense, with one perfectly opportune interception by Boulware? (He seems to have a knack for "just-in-time" interceptions). Notice how the defense kept up with five sacks? Mack Strong’s average yard per carry obliterated The Edge’s yards per carry. Wow, Darrell Jackson had a fantastic game, Engram did just as well as any Cardinal receiver, and now Deion Branch has been confirmed to be on the field next week to open up the passing game even further, and thus opening the running game. The Giants won’t get a gift-wrapped win a second week in a row when they come to Seattle…this should be a very competitive and physical game.

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