Mo’ futbawl

Posted: September 21, 2006 in Uncategorized
Doing 50% (or slightly better) predictions for the first two weeks…let’s see how I do for Week 3, shall we?
  • Bears over Vikings (Minnesota got lucky last week, but luck runs out against Chicago)
  • Jets over Bills (again, too close to call for a game against Buffalo…but I gotta pick, so…)
  • Bengals over Steelers (Ben and the Men of Steel gave us the worst MNF game in history, and Palmer is red-hot and ready for revenge)
  • Packers over Lions (Detroit tanked much worse last week than GB, and Favre has to win sometime…)
  • Jaguars over Colts (my upset game of the week…the Colts showed last week their defense is just too weak, and the Jags love to beat them at their house)
  • Bucs over Panthers (unless Smith gets on the field, of course…and even then, maybe not)
  • Redskins over Texans (a better defense than what Houston faced last week in the Colts)
  • Dolphins over Titans (Tennessee’s QB problems are much worse than I thought they were last week)
  • Ravens over the Browns (probably gonna be a blowout, too)
  • Eagles over 49’ers (too easy to call)
  • Rams over Cardinals (St. Louis is royally pissed about last week, and Edge has shown he ain’t got the edge)
  • Seahawks over Giants (Seattle is gonna crank the under-turf subwoofers just as Eli starts the count at center…)
  • Patriots over Denver (if it were at Mile High, I’d go the other way)
  • Falcons over Saints (lots of running, it’s gonna be vastly superior game to last week’s MNF, but Vick will get more rushing yards than Bush)

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