Not too bad…

Posted: September 25, 2006 in Uncategorized
My futbawl predictions this week was better…but I should have considered the emotional zone the Saints would be in against the Falcons, with the first home game since Katrina hit, and it certainly wasn’t the contest I predicted, with Atlanta barely making an appearance. Neither was I correct about the "physical contest" of the Seahawks against the Giants, since The Hammer decided to make NY a non-issue in the first quarter…a much better 4th-quarter rally by Eli than last week, but an insurmountable number of points. And for my upset game of the week, the Colts almost imploded, but got the job done by the skin of their teeth. And sure enough, the Vikings had luck go the other way late in the 4th. In any case, 10 of 14 is pretty good.
Alexander is out with a bone fracture, and could be out for weeks. The Madden Curse? Hell, somebody should have put him on the cover of Sports Illustrated, too. Just the same, he hasn’t made an MVP impression during the ‘hawks first three wins, and the four-receiver sets the Seahawks pulled on NY paid huge dividends (but let’s certainly not discount the awesome defense). Alexander will have Mo-Mo stand in for him, and Mack Strong is still…well, he’s still Mack Strong. As long as Hasselbeck keeps his head, we’ll do just fine against Chicago next Sunday. Which BTW, is the first nationally televised game that Alexander won’t be "The Show" since before he was drafted.

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