No money for 10-year erection

Posted: September 26, 2006 in Uncategorized
A Superior Court judge reversed a Rhode Island Supreme Court decision to award 400K to a guy who had a penile implant that resulted in a 10-year erection…in other words, it malfunctioned (much to "her satisfaction"…?). Let’s look at the facts that are NOT being considered in this case, shall we?
  • The plaintiff’s nickname is "Chick" (oooh, not good)
  • He is "a former handyman" (rimshot, please)
  • The malfunctioning device "causes him embarrasment" ("Is that a penile implant in your pocket, or…?")
  • He claimes it’s "like a constant headache" (That’s what she says…another rimshot, please)

For those of you who got the "rimshot" comments, get your minds out of the gutter!

BTW, I was watching Liar Liar on TV the other night…did you know you can’t say "erection" on TV? I sure didn’t, but I noticed they over-dubbed it. The whole decency-on-TV thang is kinda weird…censors let you say "ass" and they bleep out "hole" (cuz "hole" is a four-letter word?). You can say "damn", but they bleep out our maker’s name if it preceeds the four-letter word. I’m sure George Carlin is happy that the censors let South Park say "tits" and "titties" without bleeps. Makes ya wonder where the line gets drawn for multi-million dollar fines for networks, doesn’t it?


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