Week 4 futbawl predictions

Posted: September 28, 2006 in Uncategorized
I took a few extra pain meds today, and so I might as well be throwing darts to select the winners of the week…
  • Falcons over Cardinals (Arizona has this week’s QB troubles, and there’s no way The Edge is gonna have more rushing yards than Vick)
  • Vikings over Bills (Minnesota’s luck ran out last week, but they’ll fix some stuff)
  • Saints over Panthers (NO is still flying high from Monday night, and Steve Smith is still a little hurt)
  • Colts over Jets (the guts want NY, the head is going with Indy)
  • Chiefs over 49ers (home game for KC, and they gotta win some day, even without Green)
  • Cowboys over Titans (the whole T.O. mess isn’t going to impact them as much as Tennessee’s QB controversy)
  • Ravens over Chargers (home game, they’re on a roll, and McNair is getting used to his new offense)
  • Texans over Dolphins (their QB has been doing fantastic, and his performance should finally get them a win)
  • Rams over Lions (Detroit is gonna thumbwrestle Oakland for the first pick in next year’s draft)
  • Bengals over Patriots (I’ve picked NE’s outcome wrong every week so far…but Palmer will be too much for them on his home turf)
  • Browns over Raiders (actually, this could go either way, it’s way too hard to call…but I made myself a promise during Week 1 not to pick Oakland again, so…)
  • Jags over Redskins (Brunell is the new Dave Krieg…one week fantastic, the next week dog meat. This week: lacerated elbow)
  • Seahawks over Bears (Seattle’s O-line may not be as good as theirs, but the ‘hawks D has finally jelled, and should get at least one interception that leads to a score…regardless that Alexander won’t be excelling in front of a national audience)
  • Eagles over Packers (this is gonna be yet another lame MNF contest)

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