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Happy Hollow’s Eve!

Posted: October 30, 2006 in Uncategorized
Not getting dressed up myself this year (first time in years, actually). So I instead included a photo album of dressed up…um, trick or treaters…
Nine out of 13 futbawl contests picked correctly this week, better than last week for sure. Who knew the Raiders defense would win the game against the Steelers, huh? And what happened with Denver’s D? Can anybody figure out the Eagles? Is Vick finally throwing multiple touchdowns per game?
Not feeling well the last couple of days, so the brain is hazy…ok, enough with lame excuses…
  • Broncos over Colts (Denver has been awesome keeping teams from doing seven points, and their defense is going to make Indy’s running game completely non-existent)
  • Panthers over Cowboys (QB controversy is over…Romo is in. But few QBs making their first start win their first start)
  • Ravens over Saints (Baltimore is peeved about the last two games, and they’re coming in rested from the BYE)
  • Bengals over Falcons (Tough call, but Atlanta gives up too many yards on defense…and Vick won’t repeat four touchdown passes for probably, well, ever again)
  • Giants over Bucs (OK, so watch this one be an upset game that I didn’t call)
  • Eagles over Jags (Get blown out by Houston? Please…)
  • Chiefs over Seahawks (Again, few QBs win their first start. And Huard is doing splendifical)
  • Chargers over Rams (Another tough call…it comes down to home-field advantage)
  • Bears over 49ers (That Arizona game was an abboration…and this is the 49ers. Introducing the only undefeated NFL team left)
  • Steelers over Raiders (Going back to not picking Oakland again. Besides, Batch is a starting QB on over half the teams in the league, he’ll do fine while Big Ben pops his Tylenol)
  • Packers over Cardinals (Arizona got the wind kicked out of them on MNF, and then lost their very reason to exist after getting beat by Oakland last week. Plus, GB is getting some swagger now)
  • Browns over the Jets (My upset pick of the week)
  • Titans over Texans (Can Houston stun the world two weeks in a row? Not that beating a 1-5 team would be stunning, but Tennessee is rested after a BYE, and Houston’s defense is gonna be stunned by Young)
  • Patriots over Vikings (After knocking out Hasselbeck for the next few games, this pick is mostly out of spite…but also because NE keeps seeming to win games I think they’ll lose)

And for those of you aware of my ongoing mousepad-quest

Top10 Ways NBC is Cutting Expenses

  • Dump that money-pit Letterman…oh wait, we did that years ago
  • Two words: dumpster diving
  • Corporate jet to be rented out for transporting livestock
  • "Live studio audience" is being outsourced to China
  • Replace the Tonight Show band with a drunk guy on the kazoo
  • Instead of sending an expensive on-air personality out in the field to cover a news story, just grab some homeless guy on the street and hand him the microphone

Week 7 futbawl results

Posted: October 24, 2006 in Uncategorized
Geez…only seven out of 13 this week. I did better predicting Week 1. But hey, you could have made a boatload of cash in Vegas if you picked the Texans, Bucs and Chiefs to win. On the bright side I was right about Oakland beating Arizona, so now I can go back to not picking the Raiders again. And it seems I’m not so insane for picking the Giants on MNF.
BTW, didn’t it appear that it’s not just Dallas fans, but also the offensive line for the Cowboys want Tony Romo as their QB? A couple of those sacks on Bledsoe were guys sprinting right thru the line completely untouched. Bledsoe is so immobile that he’s referred to as The Statue of Liberty, and considering the O-line is well aware of this, it seems they’re purposely trying to get him hurt. Of course, Bledsoe gets benched at the half, and a bunch of "experts" are now saying Parcells should have started Romo in the first place…six games ago. But Romo didn’t fair much better: way too many interceptions for a single half (and three times as many as Bledsoe). Romo thru a couple of touchdown passes, sure, but one of those touchdowns was for the opposing team. It was a critical mistake by Parcells: when the game is within a touchdown and your starter isn’t hurt, don’t try to fix anything…let the veteran work his way out of trouble. I mean, c’mon…Romo hasn’t seen hardly any action in four years, and he gets thrown in against a defense that sacked super-mobile Mike Vick seven times last week? The Tuna is getting looney in his old age (that, or Jerry Jones is calling all the shots now…we suspected that when T.O. was signed, now it seems even more plausible).

Cheap shot, Apple…

Posted: October 18, 2006 in Uncategorized
Some video iPods shipped from the manufacturer embedded with a known virus. The virus only affects Windows operating systems. This is what Apple had to say about their major screw-up on their website:
"As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses"
Everyone knows operating systems cannot be "hardy" against viruses…that’s a job for anti-virus programs. In fact, not only are there anti-virus programs written for the Mac, Apple encourages their customers to use multiple different anti-virus utilities with their Apple computers. Why encourage their customers to do this if the Mac is so "hardy" against viruses? Easy answer: Macs are not immune to attacks. Their operating system is no more "hardy" than Windows.
Very few viruses are cross-platform. The author of a virus usually targets one operating system family, and yes, the majority of them target Windows because writing viruses for the Mac platform is a waste of time…even after over-saturation of all those cute and funny TV ads over the last year or two, Apple still owns less than 5% of the personal computer market, so their operating systems have not been an attractive target for virus writers since the early ’90s. And they probably never will be an attractive target ever again, but they will be targeted by some.
BTW, Apple: brazenly criticizing Microsoft doesn’t give you a free pass to ship products infected with a virus.

My kid will be post-300M

Posted: October 17, 2006 in Uncategorized
I was born just a few years before the U.S. hit 200,000,000 citizens. The country has grown since, and we apparently hit 300M at 7:46AM EST today, which means my kid didn’t make it under the 300M cap. For those keeping count at home, that took just one generation to grow by 34%.
We went from 3 billion world residents in 1960 to 4 billion in 1975 (15 years later). Then we went to 5 billion in 1989, 14 years later. Then we hit 6 billion in 2000 (only 11 years). We’re taking bets on when the world will hit 7 billion…I figure sometime before Christmas…

Week 7 futbawl predictions

Posted: October 17, 2006 in Uncategorized
A little early, but I’m feeling confident of most picks, so…
  • Jets over Lions (Detroit finally pulled one off last week, but I don’t think they can beat NY)
  • Packers over Dolphins (They both have horrid win/loss columns, but Miami has Harrington, so…)
  • Chargers over Chiefs (KC really blew it last week, and San Diego has a pretty complete game)
  • Panthers over Bengals (Cincinati sort-of disappeared two weeks ago, Carolina is back on a roll)
  • Patriots over Bills (Brady is starting to jell with his new receivers, Bills seem to be lost)
  • Broncos over Browns (Denver played lousy against Oakland, they know not to underestimate underperforming teams now)
  • Steelers over Falcons (Troy got some hair-plugs to repair the damage, and Big Ben is going to throw better than Vick)
  • Jaguars over Texans (I think the Jags are better than the Cowboys, they should be able to decide the game before half-time)
  • Colts over Redskins (Indy is coming off a BYE, their refreshed and healthy, Washington is just too inconsistent)
  • Seahawks over Vikings (It’s the Poison Pill Bowl…and Seattle has more to be pissed about it than Minnesota does)
  • Eagles over Bucs (TB got lucky last week. Luck runs out against McNabb)
  • Raiders over Cardinals (I know, I said I wouldn’t pick Oakland again…but look how Arizona compiled a 20-point lead on MNF and lost to a team that only scored 3 offensive points. Plus, they have a brand-new offensive coordinator. However, I reserve the right to change my mind if Randy Moss gets traded today)
  • Giants over Cowboys (Hard to call this one, and considering the game is in Dallas, some might say I’m insane…but it should be a good MNF game, and last one with the ball wins)
I was literally laughing throughout the entire MNF game last night…I was so totally WRONG about how it would be lame, it was one of the most surreal games I have ever seen. Although I picked Da Bears to destroy the Cardinals, I actually found myself rooting for the birds. Chicago couldn’t do a damn thing right in the entire first half! After the smackdown they did on the Seahawks, this was actually joy to behold! Jeez, only two first downs? Repeatedly getting sacked, intercepted and losing fumbles? Arizona 20, Chicago 0…then in the second half, AGAIN Chicago couldn’t do anything with their offense! More sacks, more turnovers. The offense scored a grand total of just 3 points! But Chicago won the game anyway. Totally bizarre.
Only got 9 of 13 correct. Who could’ve seen the Eagles or Bengals losing? But another upset prediction comes true with the Titans.