Not as good as last week, but…

Posted: October 3, 2006 in Uncategorized
Only 9 of 14 games predicted correctly. Once again, I have mis-called the Patriots (what the hell happened to the Bengals?). The Bears played perhaps the most complete game for any team of the season so far while destroying the Seahawks (Seattle’s offensive line really needs some tweaking). Otherwise, I was correct that Vick would get more rushing yards than Edge (more than twice as many), the Jets tried a gutsy play on fourth-and-goal at the one but the head prevailed with the Colts, the Packers somehow kept the game close until half-time before getting completely destroyed, and the surprise pick: Texans beat the Dolphins.
Just one month left until my kid’s 0 birthday, give or take a couple of days (possibly Nov1, but the wife thinks it’ll happen on Nov5). No, we still haven’t picked a name yet. "Deckard" keeps coming up, although it’s taken on a life of its own…I’m not the one that mentions it as a candidate nearly as often as the wife or someone else when we are with friends and family. Her new argument is that schoolyard kids will taunt the poor tyke by calling him a slightly obscene word that rhymes with Deckard. So someone in the room asks, "What about Tucker"? Wow, the wife really liked that name…several other people liked it, too. Then I said (with over-the-top sarcasm), "Gee, ya know, I can’t think of ONE SINGLE WORD that rhymes with ‘Tucker’.  Hmmm, let…me…think…" Needless to say, "Tucker" immediately went on the "Only if we want to scar him for life" column.
My second favorite name is Logan, but I never told the wife exactly why…so…
There was a name-game we played at the baby shower last week (it was a "couples shower", so lots of guys there, too). Everybody filled a piece of paper with the first name of their favorite movie character, followed by the first name of the actor that played the part. Thus, we would possibly have a first and middle name out of the deal. Some were quite funny, others were actually pretty cool. And as they were read out loud, the room would have to guess which movie. Someone ELSE wrote in Deckard Harrison, and naturally everybody in the room thought it was mine…but it wasn’t. Mine was Logan Hugh, to which all the 40-somethings in the room immediately said, "Logan’s Run". So I said no, and gave them a hint by saying the actor’s full name is Hugh Jackman, and he’s from Australia. The wife looks confused and asks, "What movie would that be", to which my sister immediately popped up "X-MEN!" and there was a collective "aaaHHHhhh" in the room. Then I told everyone I picked Logan because I knew the wife would never let me name the kid "Wolverine".

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