Week 5 futbawl predictions

Posted: October 5, 2006 in Uncategorized
Seahawks are on a well-needed BYE week. And Favre says he doesn’t know if he suffered a concussion in last week’s game…hey, uncertainty is the first sign of a concussion!
Colts over Titans (Young might have a field day with Indy’s defense, but his defense isn’t strong enough to stop Manning…this might actually be a tight game)
Giants over Redskins (I think NY’s coach is starting to realize that as soon as Eli runs audibles, they suddenly start racking up major points within minutes…he’ll let Eli have the reigns for BOTH the second and fourth quarters for this game)
Panthers over Browns (looks like Smith is fine, so I doubt Cleveland will have a chance)
Rams over Packers (Concussion choice. BTW, notice how often last week the cameras zoomed in tight on Favre, and he not only had a very pissed-off game face, he never took off his helmet…even after he was benched?)
Lions over Vikings (Upset game #1 of the week…Detroit racked up lots of points in two games they lost this season, I think this week they’ll finally put a complete game together)
Bucs over Saints (Upset game #2 of the week…this one is for their personal pride, and to stay out of Gruden’s dog pound)
Bears over Bills (What a game Chicago had last week…it ain’t broken, so they won’t fix it)
Patriots over Dolphins (Watch me get this NE game wrong, too…for the fifth straight week)
Chiefs over Cardinals (Wow…Huard is actually doing damn good! They mopped the floor with the ‘niners. Warner got benched, Lienhart is making his first start, Coach Green is starting to lose his composure…)
Jets over Jags (This one is actually too close to call)
49ers over Raiders (SF will bounce back from last week to beat the one team I promised not to pick again waaay back in Week 1…besides, it’s painfully obvious Randy Moss has Category 5 Disgruntledness…)
Eagles over Cowboys (Home game for Philly, and they’re back to their old selves again. And despite all the politically-correct statements, they’re playing against T.O. this week…not Dallas)
Chargers over Steelers (Hines Ward’s hammy is still really bothering him, and their QB seems to have lost his mojo somewhere…)
Broncos over Ravens (Thin air, folks. McNair still ain’t carrying the team with passing, so they’ll continue to rely more on the run…which Denver is perfectly capable of stuffing. Besides, few teams ever make a 5-0 start)

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