A-Rod: “I sucked”

Posted: October 7, 2006 in Uncategorized
Finally. The most over-paid baseball player in history, the guy who left Seattle with "something to say" instead of just shutting up and taking the money, is part of a team that tanked against the lowly Detroit Tigers in the playoffs.
I don’t hate the Yankees, seriously. They have The Big Unit, and I’m still pissed how Seattle simply jetisoned him (and very happy for him when he got his ring with Arizona). Jeter is the Ultimate Cool. The roster is filled with HOFers. OK, so I would prefer Seattle over NY every season, but still…I was really, really hoping they would lose, and have all the blame placed on A-Rod.
And A-Rod was nice enough to place the blame on himself…um, himself. "You kind of get tired of giving the other team credit," third baseman Alex Rodriguez said after another terrible October. "At some point you’ve got to look in the mirror and say, ‘I sucked."’
He won’t be in pinstripes next year. And the left-coast (primarily Anaheim) may be willing to pay half his salary to get him on board…

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