Posted: October 7, 2006 in Uncategorized
So I’m hanging at PCAbusers tonight, and somebody posted a poll about re-gifting gifts. Which reminded me of my first "re-gifting" episode…
Back in ’87, my lame-ass guitarist gave me a Xmas gift of ten hard-plastic VHS cases. When I opened the gift, he said it was something he had always wanted for himself (he always had a sarcastic tone, so whoever knew if he was serious or not…)

So on his birthday a couple of months later, he opens his gift from me: ten hard-plastic VHS cases. The same exact set, shrinkwrapped and all. That moron immediately said something about how I re-gifted his gift to me right back to him…then I pulled out the original set he gave me at Xmas, still shrinkwrapped.

Ya shoulda seen the look on his face…


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