Week 6 futbawl predictions

Posted: October 12, 2006 in Uncategorized
This is actually kinda fun, especially after getting at least nine games correct each week. Last week was 11 of 14…only 13 games this week, so let’s see if I can go for 12 anyway, shall we?
  • Eagles over Saints (Philly seems to be on a roll, especially after beating Dallas last week)
  • Seahawks over Rams (I just have a doubt that the Rams are for real, and Seattle is coming off a BYE week after a painful loss to Chicago)
  • Giants over Falcons (Tough call, but the NY coach knows how explosive Vick is, so he should unleash Eli to do the thing he does)
  • Ravens over Panthers (Home game, embarrassing MNF last week, one of the better defenses…Baltimore should bounce back here)
  • Cowboys over Texans (Especially after the loss in Philly, Dallas is gonna want to make a statement…and the statement will likely be made before halftime)
  • Chiefs over Steelers (KC has woken up, Huard is doing great, and nobody has come forward yet to claim the reward concerning Big Ben’s missing mojo)
  • Lions over Bills (Same criteria as last week…they’re almost there, this week should get them their first win)
  • Titans over Redskins (Upset game of the week…but not really, since Washington seems to be inconsistent, and the Titans came SOOO close to beating one of the best NFL teams last week)
  • Bengals over Bucs (I’m not gonna pick TB as an upset two weeks in a row, especially against Cincinatti)
  • Jets over Dolphins (Culpepper couldn’t hack it, and Harrington never has hacked it, so…)
  • Broncos over Raiders (Keeping with my promise not to pick Oakland again…for now, anyway. Besides, did you see Denver’s defense on MNF last week? Oakland should mail this loss in just to avoid injuries…)
  • Chargers over 49ers (Too easy to call…but it is interesting that SF has two wins already this season)
  • Bears over Cardinals (Embarrassing too easy to call…yet another lame MNF game)

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