Porter suspended? Why?

Posted: October 15, 2006 in Uncategorized
Joey Porter has been on the inactive list all season, apparently because of an argument with coach Art Shell before the season began and asking to be traded. But owner Al Davis won’t trade him until Porter pays back his signing bonus. As the coach confirms, Porter has been doing everything asked of him…including not suiting up for games while the Raiders get their helmets handed to them every week. So the trade deadline passes, and what does Oakland do?…they suspend him for four games without pay for "conduct detrimental to the team".
Not a single person familiar with T.O. last year would argue his suspension for the same reason was unwarranted, but the Eagles still had to provide a lot of proof to the player’s union for doing so. Oakland will have nothing to justify Porter’s suspension. It’s pretty obvious Porter’s conduct was detrimental to Al Davis’ wallet, and nothing more.
Boy, did the Rams give the Seahawks a scare today, or what? It looked gloomy for Seattle at half-time, especially that bizarre double-post field goal miss, but they charged right back and took the lead…only to fumble and allow the Rams to take the lead with less than two minutes left in the game. After quickly working down the field, the illegal formation with 4 seconds left forces a 54-yard field goal…and Brown makes it! Despite that bizarre miss, I think he deserves the game ball this week…although Deion Branch has a legit claim to it as well.
YaY, the Lions finally won. Bengals aren’t as good as we all thought. T.O. got 3 touchdowns agains the Texans, so it looks like he won’t throw Bledsoe under the bus (this week, anyway). It’s early in the 3rd quarter right now, and it appears Big Ben found his mojo. And after beating the Eagles, it sure does look like the Saints are for real…but watch a bunch of people continue to question that.

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