Queensryche and Peter King gushings

Posted: October 16, 2006 in Uncategorized
Last night has to have been at least the sixth or seventh time I’ve gone to a Queensryche show (I’ve lost count). This time, we got the second-best possible seats at the Moore: dead center, first balcony, second row (the people in the first row had the best seats in the house). It was scary, cuz when we first went in the concert had just begun, and the people in the first row were standing and rocking out, so we thought we wouldn’t get to see the show unless we ALSO stood up. Fortunately, the people who bought the tickets for those seats showed up before the end of the second song, and they stayed seated all night…the jerks before them probably got booted into the rafters (phew!). The biggest surprise: the Seahawks Blue Thunder marched on stage and made a cameo appearance for Anarchy-X, and again for the Anarchy-X Reprise at the end of the first act (yes, there are two "acts" in this "concert"). If you thought the percussion for this song on the Mindcrime album was something, you should have heard this, it was incredible. ‘ryche only played two songs unrelated to the Mindcrime saga, but otherwise it was an enjoyable show, and was choreographed and laid out better than the last tour…other than the fact that Geoff over-acts just a wee-bit too much. And Pamela looks like she lost a lot of weight. However, I still can’t get used to the new guitarist…just like Kelly Grey, his style doesn’t really match as well with Michael as Chris’ style did. Skill-wise, he’s good…just not a perfect fit. Eddie looked kinda bored all night, but come to think of it, I believe he’s always been like that on stage. And especially because of Speak and The Needle Lies, my neck is sore this morning…
In his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column, Peter King of Sports Illustrated has some fine words to say about the ‘hawks:
"You will never see a more beautiful, well-placed long pass than Matt Hasselbeck throwing into triple coverage for Darrell Jackson. Touchdown, Seattle."
Josh Brown, K, Seattle. Has a kicker ever had a better quarter in NFL history? I mean, ever? Brown hit a 49-yarder, another 49-yarder, then, with time running out, a game-winning 54-yard field goal to beat the Rams in one of the best games of this or any other year."
Also, it’s kinda funny that Kaz was lucky to get a tight camera shot a couple of times a year…but he joins the Rams earlier this week, and suddenly the cameras can’t stay off of him! I think the cameramen focused more on him than both coaches combined…of course, it didn’t hurt that the commentators were constantly talking about him giving up as much intel on the ‘hawks as possible. They say people get 15 minutes of fame, and his close-ups consumed at least 15 minutes of air-time. And considering the huge half-time lead, it sure did seem the Rams knew almost exactly what the Seahawks would do every other play or so. In the end, the Rams’ gamble to sign him almost payed off. Almost.

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