Just OK on week 6 futbawl predictions

Posted: October 17, 2006 in Uncategorized
I was literally laughing throughout the entire MNF game last night…I was so totally WRONG about how it would be lame, it was one of the most surreal games I have ever seen. Although I picked Da Bears to destroy the Cardinals, I actually found myself rooting for the birds. Chicago couldn’t do a damn thing right in the entire first half! After the smackdown they did on the Seahawks, this was actually joy to behold! Jeez, only two first downs? Repeatedly getting sacked, intercepted and losing fumbles? Arizona 20, Chicago 0…then in the second half, AGAIN Chicago couldn’t do anything with their offense! More sacks, more turnovers. The offense scored a grand total of just 3 points! But Chicago won the game anyway. Totally bizarre.
Only got 9 of 13 correct. Who could’ve seen the Eagles or Bengals losing? But another upset prediction comes true with the Titans.

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