Week 7 futbawl results

Posted: October 24, 2006 in Uncategorized
Geez…only seven out of 13 this week. I did better predicting Week 1. But hey, you could have made a boatload of cash in Vegas if you picked the Texans, Bucs and Chiefs to win. On the bright side I was right about Oakland beating Arizona, so now I can go back to not picking the Raiders again. And it seems I’m not so insane for picking the Giants on MNF.
BTW, didn’t it appear that it’s not just Dallas fans, but also the offensive line for the Cowboys want Tony Romo as their QB? A couple of those sacks on Bledsoe were guys sprinting right thru the line completely untouched. Bledsoe is so immobile that he’s referred to as The Statue of Liberty, and considering the O-line is well aware of this, it seems they’re purposely trying to get him hurt. Of course, Bledsoe gets benched at the half, and a bunch of "experts" are now saying Parcells should have started Romo in the first place…six games ago. But Romo didn’t fair much better: way too many interceptions for a single half (and three times as many as Bledsoe). Romo thru a couple of touchdown passes, sure, but one of those touchdowns was for the opposing team. It was a critical mistake by Parcells: when the game is within a touchdown and your starter isn’t hurt, don’t try to fix anything…let the veteran work his way out of trouble. I mean, c’mon…Romo hasn’t seen hardly any action in four years, and he gets thrown in against a defense that sacked super-mobile Mike Vick seven times last week? The Tuna is getting looney in his old age (that, or Jerry Jones is calling all the shots now…we suspected that when T.O. was signed, now it seems even more plausible).

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