Week 9 futbawl predictions

Posted: November 2, 2006 in Uncategorized
I felt darn confident last week, and still blew four predictions. "Any given Sunday" bites me in the ass every week…ah well, trying again…
  • Patriots over Colts (Yes, I thought Indy would finally lose last week…however, they are going up against their arch rival this week, and on their home turf…where NE always seems to beat them)
  • Ravens over Bengals ("Ocho" might hit Lewis in the mouth, but Cincy has been unpredictable with their offense for weeks now…Baltimore’s D will just be too much)
  • Cowboys over Redskins (Washington just doesn’t have it this year, and T.O. is crowing about his current love-fest with Romo)
  • Bucs over Saints (My upset pick of the week)
  • Chiefs over Rams (KC is gonna fix the stuff that almost cost them the game against Seattle…even the groin-pull couldn’t stop Huard)
  • Giants over Texans (Carr is one of the top 3 rated QBs, but the rest of the team is no match for NY on their home turf)
  • Jaguars over Titans (Pacman spits and sits. What a dolt.)
  • Falcons over Lions (Cushy game for Vick & Co.)
  • Bears over Dolphins (All the experts are trying to distance themselves about picking Miami for the Superbowl before the season began…and today it’s obvious their season ended before October ended. Personally, I didn’t even consider them contenders, regardless of the way last season ended)
  • Packers over Bills (GB has picked it up lately, looking good…Buffalo is one of this season’s "whipping boys")
  • Vikings over 49ers (Like what happened to Arizona, da Bears sucked whatever life that SF had left)
  • Broncos over Steelers (Big Ben seems to have misplaced his mojo AGAIN…and against Oakland, no less…)
  • Chargers over Browns (Just a hunch…)
  • Seahawks over Raiders (Both Hasselbeck and Mr. Primetime are out, but Seneca did an excellent job for his first start…and the Oakland D ain’t gonna score 14 on interceptions two weeks in a row)

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