It’s been awhile…

Posted: January 4, 2007 in Uncategorized
…since I last blogged. Been so busy cuddling the newborn, I almost forgot about the Internets.
My futbawl predictions were a great feature (that nobody read…cuz nobody reads my blog), so what better way to get back in the groove than to predict week #1 of the play-offs, eh?
Chiefs over the Colts: upset game of the week…few teams could stop Larry Johnson, and Indy couldn’t stop ANY team’s running game this year. If Kansas City flies low, they will control the clock and keep Manning/Harrison sitting on the bench. Besides, aren’t we used to Indy having incredible years, only to be on a couch somewhere for the conference championship game?
Seahawks over Cowboys: yes, Romo’s ‘boys destroyed Seattle during the pre-season. However, now Seattle has a lot of tape to review, and Romo has been faltering as of late. The ‘hawks lost some cornerbacks, but there will be a game plan for the Cowboy’s best receiver, Terry Glenn (yes, they’ll cover T.O. as well, but he likes dropping balls to much to worry). Alexander and Branch are both due for break-out games…if Hasselbeck keeps his emotions in check.
Patriots over Jets: NY is a feel-good story, and a wonderful year for their new coach…especially since they were SUPPOSED to have another year like they had last season. The Jets won the last match, but something tells me the Patriots are going to take this one before the third quarter is finished.
Eagles over Giants: Garcia has kept Philly in contention while McNabb has been sidelined, and doing an awesome job. The wrong Manning plays under center in NY, Strahan is OOF, and Tiki may have some difficulty with the run defense.

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