We asked for a miracle…

Posted: January 6, 2007 in Uncategorized
…and we got one. I attended a birthday party tonight, and of course most of the focus was on the Seahawks game (sorry Carl!). The Cowboys should have gotten that field goal, and we prayed another Josh Brown kick after some quick downs afterward would win the game…even many Cowboy fans knew there was too much time on the clock to work down the field for another 3-point game winner for the ‘hawks. But the Cowboy’s QB bobbled the snap, and more points wasn’t necessary. Some ‘boys fans are blaming the officials…even the replay booth! Hey guys, there was no Testaverde Curse on you, those replay calls were all good.

But Dallas fans are almost as vicious as Philly fans. They’re blaming Romo, Parcells, etc. Some of the better fan comments are:

  • Have to pin this one Tony, but even if they make the field goal,
    there’s too much time on the clock, and Seatle wins anyway. Even if
    they won, they weren’t going anywhere
  • If your offense can only score 13 points(Remember 7 came from special
    teams), on a defence with guys coming in off the street you are in
  • Fitting end to a pathetic season
  • Lets be serious, this team was never as good as the hype. TO is a
    wreck, Romo is still a backup. We just got a little hot and everyone
    went crazy pinning the hero label on Romo. Memo to Carrie Underwood–
    call me
  • At least T.O keeps his streak alive 15 drops
  • T.O is to blame …he disappeared against guys that were working at Capital One last week
  • Headline: The Decline and Fall of the Romo Empire

Of course, we’re all waiting to hear what T.O. really wants to say…


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