Up next: Da Bears

Posted: January 10, 2007 in Uncategorized
So did Herm Edwards have some sort of gentleman’s agreement with Tony Dungy that both of their QBs should stink up the field? Jeez, the Colts/Chiefs game was a snoozer. Manning was totally off his game and trying to help the Chiefs take the win, but Green was doing a lot worse, and Edwards just wouldn’t put the better QB of his team in the game. And where the hell did Indy find their ability to stop the run? In their other pants? So, my upset game didn’t pan out. The Eagle/Giants game happened pretty much the way I thought it would. But the Jets were still in it against the Patriots before the third quarter was finished…it was the fourth quarter when they totally fell apart. Seahawks had a lousy game, but the Cowboys famous receivers had an even worse game (as predicted!).
This week every single writer at Sports Illustrated say Da Bears will beat Seattle…even if Rex Grossman stinks up the field again. For Pete’s sake, that guy had a passer rating of 0.0 in his last game…and it wasn’t the first time this season he was worse than every first-thru-third-string QB in the league. This week’s predictions:
Ravens over the Colts: Against Baltimore’s "D," Manning will need to play at least four times better than he did last week…cuz I very much believe Indy’s ability to defend the run last week was a fluke. But he won’t, he’s in post-season choke-mode again, and the Ravens don’t often choke in the playoffs.
Saints over Eagles: Brees is at the top of his game, his team is in great spirits, and they’re at home after two weeks of rest. Without Sheppard defending on the field, Brees should have a very successful day.
Chargers over the Patriots: NE has a history of dominant regular season games, only to have close playoff games and then win the Superbowl by three lousy points. Always petering out at the end? Perhaps. This year they didn’t have anything resembling a "dominant" season, and the Jets kept last week’s game VERY close until the fourth quarter. Don’t expect the Chargers to let up on either side of the ball for a single minute…remember how they had to play their A-game down to the final possession to beat Seattle? They won’t give a moment’s rest to the Pats.
Seahawks over the Bears: as you probably expected, my upset game of the week. Seattle showed a couple of weeks ago against San Diego that they can give even the best team in the league a stiff challenge and a scare. People say the Dallas game was won because Romo blew it, not because Seattle was "better". That doesn’t matter: that win gave ‘hawks players confidence and momentum. The Bears are missing two Pro Bowl defenders who played pivital roles in destroying Seattle earlier this season, and if Rex Grossman plays like he did against Green Bay, Arizona and Minnesota, the Seahawks will play just good enough to win again.

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