But WHICH train wreck to take…?

Posted: January 16, 2007 in Uncategorized
Britney Spears asked to be in a commercial for the NFL Network. They turned her down, saying "She’s too much of a train wreck. Besides, we already have Paris Hilton". It must have been like trying to choose between barfing in the sink or the bathtub…
Doesn’t matter to me, tho’…I’m still pissed at the NFL Network for stealing Thursday Night Football, plus stealing numerous weekend games that I used to be able to watch (Comcast doesn’t carry this network, the bastards).
It felt like a kick in the gut Sunday. Even with Chicago’s help by calling timeout with two seconds left, the ‘hawks blew it on the final possession of the first half, then pulled ahead in the second half but unable to win in regulation. We usually suck in OT, and no suprises here. I couldn’t even pay attention to the Chargers-Patriots game. Tobeck retired almost immediately, Strong will likely retire, we should see a couple of other players retire, Holmgren is on the fence about retirement, we’ll probably release Winstrom and Hammer…it just won’t be the same next year.
But you all probably wanna know who I think will go to the Superbowl…
Colts over Patriots: I kept thinking it would be impossible for Indy to win last week with post-choke Manning, and sure enough, not a single touchdown…all points were scored by the former-Patriots FG kicker, the same guy who put the winning points on the board in three different Superbowls. I think Manning is actually going to play decent as well, it’s not likely that he’ll suck three games in a row. Plus, it’s FINALLY a cozy home dome game, no frozen tundra this time. However, there’s this nagging little voice in the back of my head that’s saying, "But it’s the Patriots, dude!"
Saints over Bears: Chicago’s defense couldn’t stop a QB with two broken fingers from engineering numerous scoring drives…now they have to go up against Drew Brees. Plus, it’s another cozy home dome game, no bone-chilling winds or torn up, muddy field. And who was that who played QB for the Bears last week? It wasn’t Good Rex, it wasn’t Bad Rex…it was Mediocre Rex. Now we have to wonder which of THREE Rexs is going to show up.
  1. Rob says:

    Colts vs. Bears.  It\’s the battle of I-65.  It\’ll be a tough match-up for whichever network is broadcasting.
    If you\’re up for rooting for the Good Rex to come-out, I\’m thinking about having some deep dish pizza flown-in.  \’Let me know–
    –Rob (who still knows most of the words to the Super Bowl Shuffle 😉 )

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