Happy 50th AND 54th, Slemmer!

Posted: January 26, 2007 in Uncategorized
Imagine it’s your birthday: you’re 54! Now imagine getting arrested on that birthday…for the 50th time! And she told the arresting officer she was having a bad day (sounds like she has a lot of crappy birthdays). I’ve never even heard of somebody getting arrested more than 30 times, but I suppose that’s because most of them are incarcerated for years at a time and don’t have the opportunities to be completely brain-locked. So now the question is: does the judge FINALLY shove this moron into a jail cell, or give her some sort of award? The second question would be: if she’s released again, does the judge get a stupidity award? Think about it: there’s nearly a quarter-million drivers behind the wheel in Washington state with suspended licenses, nearly all without insurance…you wanna get rear-ended or T-boned by one of these morons? Cuz chances are, one of those people will be the one that hits you…there is a good reason that they aren’t allowed to legally drive, after all…

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