Where’s the hoopla?

Posted: January 29, 2007 in Uncategorized
The Vista launch was b-o-o-ring! I made sure to be in my office before the telecast from NY began and watch it on my TV, cuz the RedWest cafeteria acoustics absolutely sucks and the room is always over-full. But even from my office, it wasn’t worth watching.
In contrast, I was sent to San Francisco seven years ago to participate in the Windows 2000 launch. It was hosted by Patrick Stewart (who, BTW, should stick with his day job commanding star ships). There were humorous skits done with a couple of other famous people. BillG bragged about how W2K benchmarks showed a 32% increase in performance over Win95 and 38% performance increase over Win98 on the same platform (which isn’t surprising to anyone, since the benchmarks were all done using processors based on P6 architecture…on the older P5 procs, W2K gets trounced). Two walls of Compaq Presario PII/350 machines were unveiled to the crowd, all supposedly running W2K (we saw the power lights on, who knows if any actually had hardware inside). A moment was dedicated to the people who built it, and the lights got focused on our section for a couple of seconds to applause. And the afternoon was wrapped up by Santana. It was a very entertaining launch…and in comparison, what I saw today was almost depressing.
Even stranger was the end: hosted locally (at Pebble Beach cafe?), they dropped a ton of ballons from the ceiling after the video feed from NY was finished. Many people caught a ballon to take as a souveneir or whatever. But most appeared to hit the floor…and there was popping sounds and I could see people picking up deflated balloons. I think I saw maybe two people try to bounce balloons back into the air, but they gave up very quickly. What happened to the excitement and the way people in this company celebrate an OS release, anyway? Weird…

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