The simulation shows…

Posted: February 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

This is more stupid than "Don’t try this at home", or "Contents may be HOT", or "Do not ingest, rat poison may kill you". MSNBC has a "story" detailing that a video game has already predicted what will happen in the Super Bowl, essentially play-by-play. And almost every single paragraph ends with "according to the simulation" or "the simulation shows"…EXCEPT for the first and last paragraphs.

Like, we know it’s a video game, already. We know it ain’t real. Give it a rest, guys.

Oh, wait…there’s one other paragraph that didn’t end with this "disclaimer"…

The performance will make Tony Dungy the first African-American coach to win the Super Bowl.

So, what if the other coach wins? What will HE be, hmmmMMM????

Anywho, the old tired formula is that defense wins championships. And Da Bears has a defense that can win a game for a QB that achieves a passer rating of LESS THAN a 10.0…and achieves it more than twice in a single season with a win, too! However, something happened just before the playoffs started: a defense showed up for the Colts. Expect the Colts defense to bring out the Bad Rex, and watch Peyton connect with Harrison for at least 110 yards and a touchdown. But I think it might be closer than anyone expects…

Colts, 24-21.


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