I packed this guy’s crap!

Posted: February 20, 2007 in Uncategorized
First, the backstory: Up until 1995, I worked a couple of years for a weird company called Zygon International. One of my jobs was to pack and ship their products out of the warehouse. They specialized in "new age" products like subliminal tapes and books to "improve" yourself. Their flagship product was called The Brainwave Synchronizer, which is like a hand-held computer that uses LED glasses and headphones to quickly put the user into an alpha-hypnotic state (note that I have already used the word "weird" to describe my former employer’s company). Anyway, the Synchronizer got discontinued and replaced by The Learning Machine…a product that almost destroyed the company due to three problems: 1) a 90% return rate cuz the damn things didn’t work 2) some government official in Texas (Bush?) proposed legislation to prevent overseas sales because 3) the company wouldn’t refund Learning Machine returns in a timely manner…credit cards were credited, but only if a complaint or chargeback was done, and good luck getting a refund within 6 months if you paid by check or money order. A few months after I quit Zygon, they were featured on the front page of the Seattle Times…and not in a flattering way, either. Operations relocated to Canada soon after, if I recall correctly…
Anyway, one of the products they sold was some package of books and tapes on how to make a killing in real estate. My future wife and I were trying to buy our first house, so I gave it look…but the descriptions and prices used for how to do it were ridiculous, complete fantasy outside of swamp land. The guy who wrote it was Wade Cook: I met him once at work, and walked away thinking he was like a used-car salesman…a shady used-car salesman. Someone told me he served a short time in Arizona for securities fraud or something in 1990. And he got into trouble with the government for that real-estate package he sold thru Zygon. And he sued Zygon, Tony Robbins, got sued by other people, got in more trouble with the government…he’s a walking litigation.
But this guy went all out after I left Zygon, advertising at Mariners games, on KIRO radio, freeway billboards, etc. He was everywhere and making a ton of money. It made me sick the number of people who were buying into his crap. Then several years ago, he just kind of disappeared…
To the point of the story: Wade Cook was found guilty today on seven criminal counts of failing to pay taxes on almost 9 million dollars…and that’s just for a two-year period! Finally, something has gone right in the world…
  1. Rob says:

    There are only two things that you can always count on: Death and Taxes 😉

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