So computers DID screw up

Posted: March 12, 2007 in Uncategorized
I made sure the time was set properly on my MCE machine this morning…but as it recorded Battlestar Galatica this evening, I noticed it was recording a different show. And I can’t set it to record the re-run at midnight, cuz it will just record the wrong show again. Plus, I realized it was going to record tomorrow night’s episode of 24 at 8PM…a show that doesn’t start until 9PM. The shows are correct, the times are detailed…it’s just that the times are incorrect.

And after watching last week’s episode of Galactica, it was pretty clear Starbuck wasn’t trying to kill herself…her hand was firmly on the ejection seat latch. And Apollo saw the Cyclon raider that couldn’t be tracked (or visually seen by anybody else) just before her Viper disintegrated. She knows she has a destiny to fulfill…she just knows something we don’t on how to fulfill it. Considering her nightmares of late, I’m thinking she knows Cylons are in her head.

Saw 300 tonight. Not much of a script. Not much of acting abilities by anybody…over the top, actually. The "King of Kings" looked like a confused transvestite. But the direction, CGI, music score, battle sequences…a movie to be seen on a very large screen, if you can handle all the gore. Hey, it’s Frank Miller, and was done well in his style, so consider yourself warned.


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