A beel-yun daw-lers!

Posted: April 2, 2007 in Uncategorized

That’s the staggering amount of money that Jerry Jones wants for naming rights to the billion-dollar stadium he’s building for the Dallas Cowboys. The attorney who will be handling the deal sez this price is entirely possible, since the Dallas Cowboys are "the third most-recognized brand" in the world. Perhaps, but "third" is a stretch. When speaking about likely candidates who would spend that kind of coin, the attorney sez oil company Exxon Mobile Corp would be ideal because…

"I can’t think of anything more powerful than Exxon and that (Cowboys) star"

Which may lead you to ask…what the hell does Exxon and the Cowboys star have in common that would be so much more powerful than other naming-rights suitors?

The answer would be: absolutely nothing.

Exxon’s chief competing rival Texaco, on the other hand, would have some commonality with the Cowboy’s star…


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