A DRM-free world?

Posted: April 5, 2007 in Uncategorized
You might recall me blogging two months ago about Steve Jobs’ open letter that DRM should be dropped by the record companies. I thought he was just griping out loud because of the market-leading 2% success rate of iTunes, but the guy apparently had inside info on what was about to happen, cuz iTunes just inked a deal with EMI to provide DRM-free music to their customers. Of course, the deal was announced on April 1st, so many considered it a joke at first (for perspective…nobody thought it was a joke when Keith Richards claimed he snorted his dad’s cremated remains. We all just accepted it as the norm for Keith). The DRM-free music is a higher price at another 30 cents per song, but these songs will be encoded at a much higher-quality compression rate.
So what happens next? Microsoft jumps on the DRM-free bandwagon as well. Good thing, too…they’ve still got nothing to buy on the Zune marketplace yet…
Does this mean the death of DRM is nigh? We’ll see…

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