Gettin’ rich on the po’

Posted: April 6, 2007 in Uncategorized
Ford Motor Co CEO Alan Mulally basically made 28 million dollars…for four months work. Damn, I am in the wrong business. Let’s put this in perspective, shall we…?
  • His base salary of 2M is TWICE as much as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.
  • His company lost 12 billion last year…Ballmer’s company MADE 12 billion last year.
  • His company is trying to fire 30,000 workers…Ballmer’s company has run out of room for their 30,000 Redmond workers, and want to hire even more employees so they can triple and quadruple people in their offices.
So why was Ford so generous to this guy? Here are a few theories:
  • He took the bus to work every day instead of driving his Lamborgini…just to show that not only was he a "Ford Man" but also just one of "the guys"
  • At his job interview, he demonstrated his skillz by kicking Agent Smith’s ass
  • He turned water into a lovely bottle of Bastor Lamontagne Bordeaux wine, vintage 2001
  • Not only was he the inspiration for Bill Belichick’s coaching of the New England Patriots, he was also Belichick’s fashion consultant
  • He coined the phrase "Mission Accomplished!" for President Bush

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