Awaiting A-Rod’s meltdown

Posted: April 21, 2007 in Uncategorized
But I can wait until October. There is no love lost for A-Rod in Seattle: he left the year before the Mariners won 116 games for a fat contract with a last-place team, and one of the nicer things he said on his way out was that the Mariners weren’t willing to pay him what he was worth. Would the Mariners have won the World Series that season if A-Rod got less food on his table? Who knows. So it was with great satisfaction to see him wallow in Texas. It was somewhat stunning to see someone win an MVP award while playing for a last-place team, but we in Seattle took solice in the fact that MVP didn’t make last-place any better for ol’ A-Rod.
Then the Yankees picked up his contract. Yikes. Ye team of the bottomless wallet. Surrounded by future Hall of Famers. A storied franchise, with a legendary history in the biggest sports market in the world. But Seattle took solice that A-Rod didn’t show up after game three in the 2004 ACLS, and the Yankees suffered a reverse-sweep to Boston…the biggest upset in baseball history.
New York hated A-Rod.
And New York continued to hate A-Rod. Story after story talks about how he almost walked away this year, or will probably walk away at the end of this year. But now look what happened: this season A-Rod leads the league with 12 home runs in only 15 games, which is only the second time in history anyone has achieved this milestone. He also has 30 RBIs and 65 total bases. The man is on fire.
New York loves A-Rod.
But Seattle takes solice in the fact that he is still A-Rod. When crunch time comes, A-Rod will melt down again.
I can wait until October. I can wait to see New York hate A-Rod again.

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