Why do people listen to Steve Jobs?

Posted: April 26, 2007 in Uncategorized
As far as compressed, downloadable music is concerned, today Jobs said that "The subscription model has failed so far". Really, and for true? The current purchasing model that iTunes employs equates to an average of just 25 songs purchased per iPod purchased…does this madman think HIS model has been a success?
Think of it this way: you buy a $300 CD player back in the late-80’s…and then you purchase only TWO ALBUMS for it. And everyone else does the exact same thing. Would the recording industry consider this to be a resounding success? Hell, no. The compact disc platform would have died a swift, horrible death. We’d all still be using vinyl and tape for our music.
Now, I’m not into the subscription model myself, so I would agree with Jobs as far as the fact that I want to purchase my music. But I also see the value in the subscription model for others. But I’ve never seen the value in paying for crappy-sounding, compressed music…even if it were DRM-free.
But back to the point: selling an average of only two albums per customer isn’t exactly something to crow about while you’re bashing a different download model.

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