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Our latest big-time negative NFL story is that Michael Vick owned a house where pit bulls were bred, raised and possibly trained for fighting. Breeding and raising the dogs are OK, but the fighting part is a felony, so Vick could be in a whole mess of trouble if it’s true. Players are getting questioned and/or arrested for guns, drugs, domestic violence, DUI, you name it…and then getting their paychecks taken away. But while many of those issues can be overlooked or ignored by most of the general population, dog fighting strikes a sensitive nerve with a lot of people.
Think any of them are getting it? Think any of them fear for their paychecks? Some are getting it, perhaps, and cleaning up their acts…but others don’t get it at all, many of whom may one day feel Goodell’s wrath. Take this modified quote from the Redskin’s Clinton Portis:
"I don’t know if he was (committing a felony) or not, but it’s his property, it’s his dog," Portis told WAVY-TV. "If (committing a felony is) what he wants to do, do it. I think people should mind their business."
Portis obviously thought the whole world had forgotten him, and he wanted a little attention. Mission accomplished, Portis…you idiot.
I wasn’t even aware that Amazon was trying to break into the compressed music business for nearly two years. Now that Apple is going DRM-free, Amazon realized they wouldn’t get any business unless they also went DRM-free…so they worked it out. Now they just have to get it online. But they’re already way too late…
Cuz after I wrote this comment and that comment about Steve Jobs, I came to a realization: Steve Jobs doesn’t care that DRM pisses off consumers. He doesn’t care about our opinions at all. His issue is that iTunes, by far the most successful online compressed music store, is a collosal failure. Averaging 25 songs sold per iPod sold is not something to be proud of.
No, the reason that Steve Jobs wants to provide DRM-free music is so he can tap into the hundreds of millions of people who DON’T have an iPod…you know, people who use their phones as a music device, or have a Zune or a Zen or one of many other players. That extended market is massively larger than Apple fanbois. And with iTunes being the most well-known compressed music distributor, he’s counting on non-iPod people to pay him for their music as well…but those people won’t have an option of paying only 99 cents, they are forced to pay $1.30 per song. Even if only two out of every three songs purchased are for non-iPod devices, iTunes could easily reach 5 billion downloads within the next year…with the majority paying the premium price.
Is Steve Jobs eeeville? Hmmm….
I saw Heart when I was in high school, they played an outdoor show at some park on the East Side, I think I paid $5. I saw them at Beasley when I was in college, they were on a nation-wide tour, I think I paid $30 for two tickets. I saw them at The Gorge one year when they played with Queensryche, I think I paid $70 for two tickets.
So today I get an email from EMP that announced their "Inaugural Founders’ Award" (no, the apostrophe is not misplaced). It’s to be presented to artists who have made outstanding contributions to their respective fields, and proceeds will benefit EMP/SFM’s City Music Program, offering free music education to middle school and high school students…that’s nice. But EMP obviously didn’t want me to know about the show too soon…
"Premier Tables for six guests at $2,000 – Sold Out!
Premier Individual Tickets at $350 per person – Sold Out!
Individual Tickets at $250 per person – only a limited number of tickets are still available!"
There’s no description of the difference between "premier" and "individual"…do the "premiere" people get a hug instead of just a handshake? And just the same…do I really need a $500 tax write-off to see them again? Do I also have to pay TicketMaster for the non-existent "convenience fee"? And I’m not even going to be a "premier" guest?

Does your job suck?

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How would you like a job swimming in a vat of fish shit?
Yeah, I didn’t think so…
…hasn’t been released yet, but I think he’s not having a very good meeting with the commish today. It was just found out that the night before his last meeting with Goodell (which is when he got suspended), a couple of NFL veterans joined him in NY and pleaded that he clean up his act. So what does he do after getting this sound advice? He goes to a strip club. Yeah, that was a really smart move…especially since Goodell found out about it before they met the next day. And Goodell toyed with the poor kid about it, too. Fortunately, nobody got paralyzed this time. Just the same, Goodell said, "See ya next year, stupid".
Pacman was just days away from meeting with Goodall today to appeal that year-long suspension, so you would expect he might be on his best behavior THIS time, right? Wrong…a trooper clocked him doing 79 in a 55 MPH zone after midnight. Oops…he forgot to bring his driver’s license, too. At least he wasn’t cited for DUI.
Me thinks the meeting today was a very short one.

It’s just WEED!

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Everybody will tell you: smoking pot does NOT enhance your physical capabilities. The Olympics no longer disqualify medalists based on a positive marijuana test, probably because it makes them look stupid to take medals away from athletes who DE-hance their physical performances.
Just the same, it was pretty stupid for Ricky Williams to reportedly be smoking a bowl while filling out the forms to be re-instated to the NFL. He was being tested constantly while playing football in Canada, stayed clean, looked like he might get back…and he goes and loses all that money and fame and glory again. Or it could be a false-positive, we won’t know for a few days.
I understand the NFL wants a squeeky-clean image. But why don’t they just keep that particular test result to themselves, and concentrate on THE CHEATERS. If you don’t tell the kids their favorite athlete smokes pot, they won’t know that he smokes pot. High-profile press releases and news stories simply tell the kids that they should go ahead and try it…if their favorite athelete does it, it MUST be ok…
True to his word, NFL bad-boy poster-child Pacman Jones has appealed his year-long suspension. The appeal document supposedly details 283 other players who were arrested or charged, and considering none of them were suspended for an entire year, Pacman claims his punishment is "unprecedented in its severity".
Obviously, Pacman intentionally left two names off that list: Alex Karras (you best remember him as the guy who knocked out a horse with one punch in Blazing Saddles), and the truly legendary Paul Hornung of the Packers. Why would Pacman leave these two players off his list, you ask? Because both were suspended "indefinitely" for off-field, illegal shenanigans…but were re-instated after a year.
So…scratch one "unprecendented" from your childish whine, Mr. Jones.
Which leads to the next problem Pacman now has to face: those 283 other players. Quite a few of them likely still play. Some are retired and working in football related fields, such as broadcasting or coaching. Will the current players respect him on the field, or want to play on the same team if he were to be traded? Will the retired players in broadcasting respect him on the air? Will the retired players coaching want him on their team, or go easy on him in practice?
And then there’s the issue that he supposedly named 11 Titans players as well…will he get a locker in the lonely corner, just below the light bulb that seems to burn out every day?
Some people just don’t realize that it’s not OK to pee in the pool.