Just throw away $3M bucks?

Posted: May 1, 2007 in Uncategorized
That’s exactly what the Carolina Panthers did today when they released Keyshawn Johnson. Just 30 days ago they paid him his roster bonus, and today they kissed him good-bye. Nice severence package for a #2 receiver, I suppose.
Well I was totally wrong about the first few picks of the draft. Nobody really wanted to move in the first round after all. How boring: the Raiders did what everybody said they would do, and yet again, Detroit took a receiver with their first pick (big surprise there, eh?). Quinn went to the Browns as expected, but not with the third pick…making the Dolphins this year’s version of the Houston Texans.
The Seahawks had an utterly uninteresting draft. Tim Ruskell needs to get a bumpersticker that reads, "My first draft pick is an Honor Student".
And the ‘hawks obviously had zero confidence in last year’s top receiver: trading D-Jack for a 4th round pick? That’s it? And to a division rival who beat us TWICE last year? Nate and Deion had better get open more often this season…there’s no longer a third option to take the top honors away from them any more. Time to earn those paychecks, boys…

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