Unprecedented? Oh, puh-leeze

Posted: May 8, 2007 in Uncategorized
True to his word, NFL bad-boy poster-child Pacman Jones has appealed his year-long suspension. The appeal document supposedly details 283 other players who were arrested or charged, and considering none of them were suspended for an entire year, Pacman claims his punishment is "unprecedented in its severity".
Obviously, Pacman intentionally left two names off that list: Alex Karras (you best remember him as the guy who knocked out a horse with one punch in Blazing Saddles), and the truly legendary Paul Hornung of the Packers. Why would Pacman leave these two players off his list, you ask? Because both were suspended "indefinitely" for off-field, illegal shenanigans…but were re-instated after a year.
So…scratch one "unprecendented" from your childish whine, Mr. Jones.
Which leads to the next problem Pacman now has to face: those 283 other players. Quite a few of them likely still play. Some are retired and working in football related fields, such as broadcasting or coaching. Will the current players respect him on the field, or want to play on the same team if he were to be traded? Will the retired players in broadcasting respect him on the air? Will the retired players coaching want him on their team, or go easy on him in practice?
And then there’s the issue that he supposedly named 11 Titans players as well…will he get a locker in the lonely corner, just below the light bulb that seems to burn out every day?
Some people just don’t realize that it’s not OK to pee in the pool.

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