It’s just WEED!

Posted: May 11, 2007 in Uncategorized
Everybody will tell you: smoking pot does NOT enhance your physical capabilities. The Olympics no longer disqualify medalists based on a positive marijuana test, probably because it makes them look stupid to take medals away from athletes who DE-hance their physical performances.
Just the same, it was pretty stupid for Ricky Williams to reportedly be smoking a bowl while filling out the forms to be re-instated to the NFL. He was being tested constantly while playing football in Canada, stayed clean, looked like he might get back…and he goes and loses all that money and fame and glory again. Or it could be a false-positive, we won’t know for a few days.
I understand the NFL wants a squeeky-clean image. But why don’t they just keep that particular test result to themselves, and concentrate on THE CHEATERS. If you don’t tell the kids their favorite athlete smokes pot, they won’t know that he smokes pot. High-profile press releases and news stories simply tell the kids that they should go ahead and try it…if their favorite athelete does it, it MUST be ok…

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