Pacman’s appeal decision…

Posted: May 11, 2007 in Uncategorized
…hasn’t been released yet, but I think he’s not having a very good meeting with the commish today. It was just found out that the night before his last meeting with Goodell (which is when he got suspended), a couple of NFL veterans joined him in NY and pleaded that he clean up his act. So what does he do after getting this sound advice? He goes to a strip club. Yeah, that was a really smart move…especially since Goodell found out about it before they met the next day. And Goodell toyed with the poor kid about it, too. Fortunately, nobody got paralyzed this time. Just the same, Goodell said, "See ya next year, stupid".
Pacman was just days away from meeting with Goodall today to appeal that year-long suspension, so you would expect he might be on his best behavior THIS time, right? Wrong…a trooper clocked him doing 79 in a 55 MPH zone after midnight. Oops…he forgot to bring his driver’s license, too. At least he wasn’t cited for DUI.
Me thinks the meeting today was a very short one.

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