Now Amazon is going DRM-free

Posted: May 16, 2007 in Uncategorized
I wasn’t even aware that Amazon was trying to break into the compressed music business for nearly two years. Now that Apple is going DRM-free, Amazon realized they wouldn’t get any business unless they also went DRM-free…so they worked it out. Now they just have to get it online. But they’re already way too late…
Cuz after I wrote this comment and that comment about Steve Jobs, I came to a realization: Steve Jobs doesn’t care that DRM pisses off consumers. He doesn’t care about our opinions at all. His issue is that iTunes, by far the most successful online compressed music store, is a collosal failure. Averaging 25 songs sold per iPod sold is not something to be proud of.
No, the reason that Steve Jobs wants to provide DRM-free music is so he can tap into the hundreds of millions of people who DON’T have an iPod…you know, people who use their phones as a music device, or have a Zune or a Zen or one of many other players. That extended market is massively larger than Apple fanbois. And with iTunes being the most well-known compressed music distributor, he’s counting on non-iPod people to pay him for their music as well…but those people won’t have an option of paying only 99 cents, they are forced to pay $1.30 per song. Even if only two out of every three songs purchased are for non-iPod devices, iTunes could easily reach 5 billion downloads within the next year…with the majority paying the premium price.
Is Steve Jobs eeeville? Hmmm….

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