The need for SPEED

Posted: June 20, 2007 in Uncategorized
I’ve had cable broadband since it was first introduced in the NW. Hated how AT&T destroyed @Home and cut my download speeds in half. Then AT&T soooo generously "doubled" it a couple of years later before selling to Comcast. And then Comcast gave me a new modem, and speeds went up again, but recently additional speed increases weren’t doing much.
By chance, I found a former Comcast customer who wanted to sell his personal cable modem…a Surfboard 5120. And only 15 bucks! I took a bunch of measurements with the old modem (six different broadband speed tests), got the new modem activated today, took the same measurements, and…
My download speed increased between 50 and 75%, depending on the speed test. Very nice.
But upload speeds literally QUADRUPLED for all speed tests. SWEET!
  1. Unknown says:

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