As big as O.J.?

Posted: July 20, 2007 in Uncategorized
The worst possible thing to hit the NBA (or any sport) would be a referee who possibly bet on the games, possibly even fixed some games, and all the while allegedly doing it for The Mob. That should be a story that blows all other sports stories out of the water; it should have immense coverage and public outrage.
But it’s just a candle in the wind compared to the enormous amount of negative coverage currently leveled at Michael Vick and the federal grand jury indictment he got for the organized fighting, and brutal execution, of dogs. If comments by both anonymous nobodies and the press are any indication, Vick is currently the most-hated man in the country. Nobody even cares that they were pitbulls. Everybody wants the NFL to ban him for life, or at the least, get him fired from the Falcons. President Bush is probably thrilled that someone finally stole the spotlight off of him, and is having his first peaceful moment in years as he gets his anal probe.
Now Virginia wants to indict him, too. PETA picketed the NFL headquarters. Nike postponed (re: canceled) release of Vick’s latest sneaker. Sales of his jersey came to a complete stop. And it gets worse: just as you still cannot get a Falcons #7 jersey customized with the word "Mexico", you also can’t get one labeled with "Ookie". Oh, the humanity…
In related news, the guy who convinced the police station that they needed a dedicated revolving door for him, Pacman Jones said it ain’t fair that Vick hasn’t already been suspended. Boo-frakin’-hoo.

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