Umm…no girls in there?

Posted: August 9, 2007 in Uncategorized
Ah, the soap opera that is Pacman Jones. He really is going to participate in professional wrestling…as a wrestler! And he emphatically sez, "I’m good, too!" Yeah, we’ll see about that…he’s got the personality and a real bad-boy reputation, but put him in a pile-driver just once…
This should make it relatively easy for the Titans to void his contract. Of course, I’m sure his lawyer will argue that the contract specifies motorcycles, skydiving, that sort of thing…but doesn’t spell out "professional wrestling" as an activity that could cause injury. Yeah, that’ll wash with the player’s association.
Sounds loopy to me, but not surprising…cuz he thinks he’s only been arrested twice!
In addition, when talking about having to admit to Goodall that he went to a strip club the night before he found out he would be suspended for the entire season, he claimed he just went in to get something to eat (oh yeah…New York strip clubs serve the best food, after all! All the rich-n-famous people go there to eat. Screw the Met…). Then he claims there weren’t even any girls in there.
Which leads one to ask…just what kind of strip club WAS this place…?

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