Super Bowl bound?

Posted: August 15, 2007 in Uncategorized
A couple of months ago, Peter King wrote that the Colts will repeat, and recently he’s written that he’s not backing off that pick. Personally, I don’t think they’ll make division champs…they might not even make the playoffs. The only reason they made it to the Super Bowl last year was that in December, some brainiac came up with the idea that their defense should work on their ground game: any team that ran the ball up till then had a legit shot at winning every game.
But the Colts hemorraged defensive players during the off-season, and then a couple of weeks ago lost McFarland to injury…their best run stuffer. Consider this: two seasons ago, Manning set tons of passing records, the defense seldom got on the field, and the only two regular season games the Colts lost were the ones at the end of the season where half the starters were on the bench to prevent injury before entering the playoffs…and they were one-and-done against the legendary rushing attack of the Steelers. So when Coach Dungy says they’ll win this season based on Manning, I say "look at history". Manning is unstoppable at times, but the Colts can’t always win games without a good defense.
Bookies have the Chargers at number 2 favorite to win this season’s Super Bowl. Probably because they had such a phenomenal regular season last year, and the core players are still with the team. However, did you ever notice that when a play started to fall apart that Phillip Rivers looked like a deer caught in a thousand headlights? The coaches new his weaknesses and designed their game plans to take advantage of what he could do well, and then relied on the rest of the team to execute. Basically: hand the ball to LT, and if you’re not going to block, get the hell out of the way. Now all of those coaches are gone. The new coaches don’t know Rivers, and an entire team has to learn a whole new playbook. Next year they should be contenders again, but I think this year they’ll skip the playoffs altogether.
Quite a few people are picking the Patriots to win it all. Considering they opened up their wallets and snagged a ton of excellent offensive weapons for Brady to throw at during the off-season, this is a pretty safe bet. Last year, Brady was throwing at a bunch of guys nobody ever heard of, and they made it all the way until the final minute of the championship game.
Why are so many crowing about the Cowboys? Again, a team with a new coach and playbook. But more importantly, their "savior" Tony Romo totally tanked in December, but everyone looked the other way and still referred to him as their golden child. Then January came along against the Seahawks, and he’ll never live that game down…seriously, I think he’s Mr. Ordinary.
I don’t think anybody’s picking the Seahawks to win it all this year. But Sunday’s game, during the first string possessions, indicates that our offensive line isn’t going to let anybody get close and snuggly with Hasselbeck…Hutch may become but a distant memory. Deion may just get everybody to forget whatzizname that we gifted to the 49ers. Some dude named Obomanu is making the other receivers sweat their starter positions. And now that Tapp is finally healthy, we have a new sack leader.
And our schedule this year looks pretty good:
Buccaneers: Plummer won’t report and Garcia is getting older…the rest of the team isn’t all that great. Seahawks.
Cardinals: Same story every year, "They’re improved, gonna be great!" and then they tank. Seahawks.
Bengals: Their players can’t stop getting arrested. Seahawks.
49ers: They beat the ‘hawks twice last year, and they’re improved. 49ers.
Steelers: We’d rather dish out some payback to the refs, but the Steelers will do. Seahawks.
Saints: Here comes our first really good, tough team. Saints.
Rams: Our second really good, tough team, and Bulger is happy now. Rams
Browns: Oh, where do I start? Seahawks.
49ers: Coaches finally have a game plan for Gore, and we’re still fresh from the BYE week. Seahawks.
Bears: Besides payback, they have a few disgruntled defensive players. Bad Rex plays. Seahawks.
Rams: We’re not gonna be dumped to wild-card status with such a good win/loss column. Seahawks.
Eagles: They still have a lot of work to do after the T.O. implosion. Seahawks.
Cardinals: Start planning for next year…again. Seahawks.
Panthers: We’re not going to stop Steve Smith this time. Panthers.
Ravens: Good offense, excellent defense. Ravens.
Falcons: New coach, new playbook…and new quarterback. Seahawks.
Now that I look at this, I must be insane to think the ‘hawks will actually win 11 games.

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