Well, it sure as hell ain’t MY fault…

Posted: August 22, 2007 in Uncategorized
One of the top dogs of China’s toy industry claims Mattel is also to blame for the huge recall of toys covered in lead paint, saying they didn’t do their jobs in quality inspections…of course, he provided no details in how THEY blew it when it came to quality assurance. And then this guy goes on to say that when they get low-balled on purchasing prices, they have to use inferior raw materials. Um…hell-ooooo! Dude, you could have told them that for the price you’re getting paid, Mattel should expect lead paint on their products! Don’t just ship it to the Americas and then say they didn’t check it!
When you think about it, Mattel can’t be blamed for not assuring quality of hazardess toothpaste, deadly cold medications, blankets doused in formaldehyde, or pet food that will kill Fluffy, simply cuz Mattel doesn’t make that stuff. This means that other U.S. companies are also to blame for lack of product quality control in China. Makes you wonder why China’s other industries aren’t pointing fingers like their toy industry is doing.
But they don’t really have to. Losing billyuns of dollars really hurts, so the Chinese government is staging a PR war to defend its safety record. In addition, they claim they are far from being the ONLY bad guys pushing crap on other countries! A batch of soybeans they received from the U.S. contained red beans, pesticides and…um…dirt. It’s a "great potential hazard" to Chinese food safety. Shame, you imperialist scoundrals!!
Here’s an idea for China…stop music, movie and software piracy from being your #1 industry, start manufacturing products that won’t kill us or our pets, and we’ll stop sending you red beans.

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