A lesson in underestimating customer demand

Posted: August 28, 2007 in Uncategorized
Not suprisingly, corruption is still widespread among high-level officials in China. What I didn’t know was that the Chinese government has actually been trying to rid themselves of these corrupt officials for quite awhile now (to which we all say in harmony, "wink, wink"). They decided to take it to the people, so to speak, with a new method of anti-corruption education: the government sponsored an online game called "Incorruptible Warrior" to show the masses how to fight and kill corrupt officials…and their bikini-clad mistresses, too!
However, customer demand severely overloaded their game server, and they took it offline. Who would’ve guessed so many Chinese people would want to play? I can just imagine the conversation they had before RTW:
Official: Great game! Wow, the masses are going to love playing it! How many people can play at the same time?
Developer: 600 loyal nationals can kill corrupt officials at a time, sir!
Official: Hmmm…how many loyal nationals do we have right now?
Developer: A little more than a billion, sir.
Official: And how many people do you think would like to learn how to kill corrupt officials?
Developer: A little more than a billion, sir.
Official: Yeah. Well, 600 should be enough, I suppose…

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