NFL Predictions, Week 1

Posted: September 6, 2007 in Uncategorized
Let’s see if I can do better than last season in picking the winners…as last year, no scores, just Win/Loss.
Saints over Colts: The Saints have a powerful offense, and the Colts lost a large chunk of their key defensive players…plus, there’s that old "Super Bowl hangover" thang. Should be a great TNF opener, tho’.
Broncos over the Bills: Cutler had the camps and pre-season with the #1 offense, and he’s ready to make things happen.
Steelers over Browns: Quinn isn’t starting…if he gets plugged in for the second half, I reserve the right to change this one.
Packers over Eagles: Favre was in excellent shape to begin last year, and still in great shape this year…and the Pack really needs to start off on the right foot this season.
Rams over Panthers: Just a feeling
Falcons over Vikings: Both are rebuilding, but Harrington got all the work in the preseason and his coach knows how to utilize a QB like him.
Patriots over Jets: This game should be over half-way thru the 3rd quarter.
Redskins over Dolphins: Like I said months ago, Miami was this year’s version of the Houston Texans at the 2007 draft. 
Titans over Jaguars: Really too close to call, but I think the sudden win streak last year after putting Young in at QB wasn’t a fluke.
Chiefs over Houston: KS’s coach finally got the message: Huard can actually play…and win. Schaub is behind mostly the same offensive line that David Carr had…Schaub will find himself on his back a few times.
Lions over Raiders: Oakland is starting McCown, obviously because he was a QB for the Lions last year and might be able to exploit their defense. However, this is the Raiders we’re talking about…and Kitna threw an astounding 4208 yards for the Lions last year while McCown spent every game on the bench, and Kitna now has yet another awesome weapon in rookie Calvin Johnson.
Chargers over Bears: Chargers have a new coaching staff, but it’s a home game…and Rex is just too fickle.
Seahawks over Bucs: Plummer still hasn’t officially retired…but he’s also officially not playing for the Bucs. Chucky is going to have visible veins bulging on his forehead.
Giants over Cowboys: Yeah, this is just because T.O. is a blowhard.
Ravens over the Bengals: Baltimore is just too tough on defense.
49ers over Cardinals: this could be a snoozer MNF game, or it could be one of the most entertaining. I really want the Cardinals to win, just to gets their hopes up, but I can’t pick based on my personal desire…Frank Gore will be unstoppable for their defense.

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