NFL Predictions, Week 3

Posted: September 18, 2007 in Uncategorized
I must have miscounted…according to my sheet at the Peter King Challenge, I actually picked 11 games correctly for week 2, not 10. That’s nice, but it doesn’t win me a TV. It’s early, but here are my week 3 predictions:
Packers over Chargers: Upset game of the week, but the Pack is on a roll and playing at home.
Vikings over Chiefs: Hard to call this one, but Minnesota should correct some mistakes, and KS just seems to be lost right now.
Patriots over Bills: NE’s second string will start the second half, third string will get some playing time, too. They should include their practice squad during the last couple of drives just for shits-n-grins (cheerleaders are just too delicate, even for the Bills)
Jets over Dolphins: I hate picking between two high-expectation teams that have underperformed. Going with home field advantage on this one.
Lions over Eagles: Am I insane? Do I really think for the third week in a row that Detroit will win, and go 3-0 for the first time in my lifetime? I watched the Eagles on Monday night, so the answer is "yes"…about the win, not the insanity part…
Steelers over 49ers: Pittsburgh will have a pretty good answer for Gore.
Rams over Bucs: Don’t understand how the Bucs beat the Saints last week, but the Rams are due.
Ravens over Cardinals: Arizona took advantage of the fact that Seattle didn’t show up in the first half…and almost lost after going up 17-0 anyway. That scenario isn’t going to happen against Baltimore on their home turf.
Colts over Texans: Houston started hot this year, but they’re no match for Indy.
Jaguars over Broncos: It took Denver getting a FG in OT to beat the Raiders…what is up with them?
Browns over Raiders: Last week, lightning struck. This week, they’re confident…and their former second-string QB is doing great.
Bengals over Seahawks: Cincinnati scored a ton of points last week…Seattle’s D isn’t as good on the field as they are on paper, and they can’t score a ton of points.
Falcons over Panthers: Hard one to call, going with home field advantage again.
Redskins over Giants: Don’t know what’s wrong with NY, and Washington is coming off an emotional MNF win and playing at home.
Cowboys over Bears: No such thing as "Bad Tony", and T.O. is getting the ball a lot lately
Titans over Saints: They were in the game against the Colts all the way to the end before losing by 2 points, and Young is getting better every week. Brees just seems frustrated.

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