NFL predictions, week 4

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Uncategorized
Only got 9 games correct this week…damn. First, I shouldn’t have bet against my own team. Second, when did the Bucs learn how to play football? And third, why does Oakland always wait until the final play of a game to decide if they’re gonna win or lose? Picking the Falcons was just dumb. And I think the Eagles won simply because their uniforms were so hideous to the point of distraction…who can play defense when they’re laughing so hard? Oh yeah…plus, McNabb wanted to silent all of those non-existant critics of black quarterbacks, especially those black QBs who have gone to the championship game four years in a row plus a Super Bowl appearance…
The quest for a free TV continues…and I think the majority of games this week will be won on the road.
Texans over Falcons: Texans are doing very well, and I’d be stupid to pick the Falcons again.
Jets over Bills: Buffalo has been crippled by injuries.
Ravens over Browns: Baltimore’s defense is way too powerful for Cleveland.
Cowboys over Rams: Home field, T.O. keeps getting the ball, and Bulger is already looking toward next year’s rebuilding process around his enormous paycheck…
Bears over Lions: Grossman will not start. If he does, Lions will win. But Lovie would be a moron to start Grossman…it could mean his OWN paycheck if he does. And the Bears proved numerous times last year: they don’t need Grossman to win.
Raiders over Dolphins: I hate picking games like this one…both want to win desperately, I should go with home field, but I just can’t in this case.
Packers over Vikings: Some people think something special is happening in Green Bay. I do, anyway. Favre is finally playing like a real quarterback, and is actually enjoying it. We’ll miss that old gunslinger…
Seahawks over 49ers: Not gonna pick against my home team this week.
Panthers over Bucs: Not gonna pick the Bucs…again. They have to lose someday…
Colts over Broncos: Please, can anybody beat these guys? Even on an off-day?
Steelers over Cardinals: If Warner is starting, Arizona might actually have a chance.
Chargers over Chiefs: San Diego should start clicking right about now.
Giants over Eagles: If last week was something people took seriously about Philly, that means this is the upset game of the week.
Patriots over Bengals: It’s gonna be one of their tougher games as of late, but NE will pull it off.

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