It’s almost October, A-Rod…

Posted: September 26, 2007 in Uncategorized
You might recall a blog post I made back in late-April stating that I can wait until October to see A-Rod have his meltdown. At the beginning of the season, A-Rod was on fire, and since then he hasn’t let up with his performance. Today A-Rod is all but guaranteed MVP honors with a batting average of .312, 52 home runs and 146 runs batted in for the season. The Yankees are nearly guaranteed a wild-card spot for the postseason, and A-Rod played a key role in getting them there.
Back in March, the Yankees made it clear they wouldn’t negotiate during the season to extend any player’s contract, including A-Rod’s. Then in July, the Yankees broke with tradition and gave A-Rod an ultimatum: sign an extension before his opt-out deadline, or say goodbye. However, this time it was A-Rod who said he would not participate in negotiations during the season (oh, the sweet irony of trying to out-powerplay each other). Then last week, obviously to give A-Rod the upper-hand with the Yankees, a "rumor" published by New York Magaine said that A-Rod would opt-out and go to the Chicago Cubs, with a portion of his new salary being deferred to make him part-owner of the team, and be reunited with skipper Lou Piniella. A-Rod’s agent denied the story was true, saying "Great players with great demand create great rumors." A-Rod politely brushed it off…not "surprisingly" brushed it off…politely. What an idiot.
As I said before, no one has ever called A-Rod "Mr. October". How great will the demand be for A-Rod if he (again) demonstrates he’s NOT a great player when his team needs him the most?
It’s almost October…the meltdown is about to begin.
I need to get some popcorn.

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