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NFL Predictions, Week 9

Posted: October 31, 2007 in Uncategorized
I only got two games wrong last week, picking 11 correctly, my best effort so far. I’m definitely gonna drop my total score by one this time, because I can’t pick <enter team name here> to beat the Dolphins…they’re on their bye week.
49ers over Falcons: Atlanta is a mess right now, even in their locker room
Bengals over Bills: Cincy’s defense should be learning from their mistakes by now
Broncos over Lions: After a painful MNF loss, they’re gonna be fired up
Titans over Panthers: Young totally sucked last week, and they still won…he won’t suck two weeks in a row
Packers over Chiefs: Riding an emotional high
Chargers over Vikings: Let them call Jeff George back, who the heck is going to care…
Jaguars over Saints: Jacksonville has the better record, but NO has really poured it on the last few weeks…so this is my upset pick
Redskins over Jets: Boy, are these guys pissed…a lot of that frustration is going to be taken out on the hapless Jets
Bucs over Cardinals: Same story every year for Arizona: they look great on paper, they look good for the first few games, then half-way thru the season…bleh
Seahawks over Browns: Rested from a bye week…but still the underdog?
Patriots over Colts: The "battle of the unbeatens" game…Indy is going to get smoked, just like every other team
Cowboys over Eagles: Lots of boos will greet T.O., but he’s going to have the same impact as he did last year: little to none. Still, the ‘boys have way too many other weapons
Steelers over Ravens: What the heck went wrong with Baltimore’s defense this year?

Something happened…

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…just as I had hoped in my Week 8 predictions, Favre gave us one for the history books. What a finish. Let’s recap, shall we?
  • The first (and last) play of overtime was the biggest pass play of the night: 82 yards
  • It was the second-longest TD pass in NFL overtime history
  • It was GB’s first overtime victory on the road since 1983…which was also Howard Cosell’s last TV broadcast
  • The Pack is now 1-for-5 in the last six games at Mile High
  • The Pack is now 6-and-1 for just the third time since Farve became a cheesehead
  • A passer rating of 142.4

If this truly was Favre’s final MNF game, it was a trumpeter swan song. He may be better remembered for the MNF game he played after his dad died, but this game was certainly his permanent stamp on the game of football. People have been saying for years he should leave the game before old age tarnishes his legacy…but the man keeps building upon it instead.

I’m going to miss this gunslinger.

Top 10 List time…

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Wow, it’s been awhile since I participated in Letterman’s Top 10 List contest. This week’s contest looked kinda fun, so I submitted the following:
Top Ten Signs The White House Is Haunted
  • Hours after Cheney has left the room, it still has that "dead guy" smell
  • Despite repeated denials by Condi Rice, some White House staffers swear they’ve seen her smile
  • Shaggy and Scooby found hiding under Lincoln’s bed
  • Bush utters a full sentence without flubbing it
  • Each time someone types "George W Bush" on a computer keyboard, it comes out "George W Fustercluck"
  • Steinbrenner seen roaming the halls late at night looking for a new manager
  • Trick-or-Treaters scream and run every time George’s mom opens the door
  • Lincoln’s ghost seen short-sheeting George’s bed

This pic says it all…

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The Patriots-Colts hype has officially kicked into gear. And it appears that Sports Illustrated has visually predicted the winner…

NFL Predictions, week 8

Posted: October 26, 2007 in Uncategorized
Picked 10 correctly last week. Only 13 games this week, so it’s my best shot at winning that TV.
Lions over Bears: picking Detroit, of course, means the Bears will win
Steelers over Bengals: Cincy is still looking for a defense…oh look, here comes one from Pittsburgh!
Titans over Raiders: Young should be healthy, right? And has anybody heard anything about Oakland’s first pick?
Rams over Browns: St Louis has to win someday, and losing to the Browns would be so ego-deflating
Giants over Dolphins: Miami has to win someday…next year…and they’re jettisoning their ego-inflated players
Eagles over Vikings: Philly is slightly healthier
Colts over Panthers: Vinny was a wonderful story two weeks ago…this week, Manning’s gonna make him look like a dinosaur
Bills over Jets: I don’t think I’ve picked Buffalo yet this season, and the Jets have repeatedly let me down
Chargers over Texans: OK, so who ISN’T rooting for them this week…?
Bucs over Jaguars: The team with the experienced QB should win
Patriots over Redskins: Probably the toughest team they’ve met this season…until next week, that is
Saints over 49ers: I hope I’m not forced to watch this game
Packers over Broncos: Favre’s (supposedly) final MNF game…I expect something to happen
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Published…sort of…

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Sent a Letter to the Editor at the Seattle Times. They did a considerable amount of editing, but the message is still there.