Poor Britney

Posted: October 1, 2007 in Uncategorized
She lost custody of her kids. Me, I couldn’t pick NFL winners if I swung a large stick. Assuming the Patriots win tonight (which is all but a given), I only got 7 out of 14. Lots of upsets: after McNabb achieved a perfect passer rating of 153.8 last week, everybody (except me) thought the Giants would lose, but McNabb couldn’t stay off his back. As I pointed out last week about Warner giving the Cards a chance against the Steelers if he were to start…I had no idea a two-QB approach would be used, so another upset there. The Bears dumped Bad Rex and had the game in the bag, until they let the Lions score 34 frickin’ points in the 4th quarter. The Jets always seem to lose when you least expect them to. Peter King ranks the pitiful 1-3 Chargers at #10, stating "They’re too good"…to which I say what Bill Parcells always says: "You are what your record says you are", and the Chargers record screams, "Our coach sucks!" If your coach sucks, your team won’t win. The Seahawks win wasn’t an upset, per se, although many predicted the 49ers would win…if not for the sack-happy defense that completely smothered those guys. It was toward the end of the first half before the 49ers converted their first first-down, and even tho’ the ‘hawks always took possession with good-to-fantastic field position, they couldn’t take advantage of their good fortune with serious points…but a win is a win, especially against a division rival that 0wn3d us last year.

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