They were CHEATING??

Posted: October 1, 2007 in Uncategorized
Perhaps. Back in the days when Quake 2 was released, I was one of the first in the Seattle area to buy a copy (the boxes were still in the FedEx truck outside Egghead Software when I arrived at 9 AM). Boot Magazine (now Maximum PC) had what I believe was the first public Quake 2 server. I joined their frag-fest before I finished the second level, and never finished the game…I was hooked on online fragging with this game for literally two years.
Unlike others, I was strictly keyboard…no mouse. I was a "straight-shooter", so to speak, never looking up or down. But I regularly hit the frag limit…or finished in the top 3 on every level. This went on for months, and I was visiting numerous different servers to find new custom levels and new people to kill.
Then all of a sudden, I started getting my ass kicked. Constantly. I figured it was my 33.6 modem, so when @Home came to Seattle, I immediately signed up for broadband goodness. But wait…I was still getting my assed kicked! Super-low ping rates affected me NOT! I then realized some servers hosted players who were obviously cheating…others, not so obvious…and tried to avoid those servers. I also always downloaded the latest game patches that would help prevent cheating, but that didn’t help much either.
What did I do? I became proficient using a mouse. I was seriously kicking some ass…but STILL not coming close to the frag limits anymore. For the most part, I gave up on online gaming…I just wasn’t nearly good enough to compete.
Then I read this article about online game cheating. Now I wonder if I really degraded in my abilities as much as I thought…

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