NFL Predictions, Week 5

Posted: October 2, 2007 in Uncategorized
Some teams will bounce back from last week, others will continue their roll, and home teams will primarily rule…tho’ my predictions sucked last week, so what the hell do I know…
Titans over Falcons: Atlanta might think they just need to attack Young like they would attack Vick during practice…but unlike Vick, Young can beat you with his arm.
Chiefs over Jaguars: Hard choice, but the Chiefs finally seem to be doing things better
Cardinals over Rams: Any other season, I’d pick the Rams. But their offense is lost, and their defense has to prepare for two different QBs instead of just one.
Patriots over Browns: NE has had SUCH an easy schedule so far…
Saints over Panthers: Delhomme is likely still out, and the Saints really need to bounce back.
Giants over Jets: It’s not like I can pick the Home Team this time 🙂
Seahawks over Steelers: Some would say this is my upset of the week. But the Steelers demonstrated how to be beaten last week, and the Seahawks defense has finally figured out how to kick ass.
Lions over Redskins: Just a hunch…Detroit now knows how to rack up points really, really quick.
Texans over Dolphins: Bounce-back time, home field, and Miami really suxors
Colts over Bucs: If any team is going to beat TB, it’s these guys…
Broncos over Chargers: Upset game of the week. Will San Diego’s poor excuse for a head coach be able to breathe at Mile High?
49ers over Ravens: Bounce-back, home field, and Baltimore has been decimated on both sides of the line.
Packers over Bears: GB has a QB that is kicking ass without a running game. Chicago has two QBs who couldn’t kick a mule in unison.
Cowboys over Bills: Buffalo was somewhat surprising last week, but Dallas is too good.

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